Our Story

Bobbi Parka was set up by husband and wife team Reza & Lisa back in 2016.
The two of us started out in a small bedroom in our home selling Parka jackets whilst juggling our 3 small children. It wasn’t long before we both quickly became aware that demand for our unique Parka jackets was surpassing all our expectations.
After a short period we realised we was running out of space for our growing stock which was taking over our already overcrowded home so we both made the brave decision to take the jump and expand our small venture to a commercial premises in West London.
During this period we still hadn’t come up with a brand name for our little venture and it only came about by chance whilst playing with our youngest son Bobbi that we came up with the idea that our main products being Parka jackets and our son being named Bobbi how about we join the two and name our brand Bobbi Parka.
It was at that moment when putting those two words together and repeating them to one another that we knew our brand Bobbi Parka was born.
Since then demand for our Bobbi Parka jackets has exceeded all our expectations. Our social media following is growing by the day which has lead to Bobbi Parka receiving brand awareness and collaboration offers from celebrities. This then attracted the attention of global stars such as Conor McGregor, Tyson Fury, Rio Ferdinand as well as countless other global stars who have all represented the brand through their social media platforms.
Our feet have always remained firmly on the ground and as a husband and wife team we both understand the importance of providing customers with good quality products and customer service.
We realise there is still a long journey ahead for Bobbi Parka but hope that someday our little venture that we started off in a small bedroom in our home will be a recognised global fashion brand.
We regularly remind ourselves of that famous line ‘Coca Cola only sold 25 bottles in their first year’.
Many thanks for all your love and support on this crazy journey!

Reza & Lisa X